Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to get started?
Lava Coffee has relationships with many of Australia’s leading financial providers.
All you need is a $30,000 to $50,000 deposit or property equity against which your Cafe can be financed. Lava Coffee does not provide finance. However we can put you in touch with leading financial institutions that we have a strong relationship with.
Most start up costs involve fit-out costs the value of which can be financed against. You only need to pay a small portion of costs, either a cash contribution or finance against your existing equity.
Is price more important than quality?
A return on investment and value for money are critical to Lava Coffee’s franchise system.
Which is why we desire to build strong business relationships with all our Franchise Partners ensuring that they are profitable from the first day they start business.
We also believe that quality is more significant than price. As a result, our customers can have confidence in a high quality product that offers your customers genuine value.
What makes Lava Coffee competitive?
Lava Coffee is a highly competitive franchise system. It stands head and shoulders over many other franchise systems in this fiercely competitive industry where some franchise systems ignore the basic rules of franchising i.e. to create a mutually beneficial relationship between franchisor and franchisee.
This relationship is the cornerstone of the Lava Coffee philosophy. It’s why we have created a team of industry leaders with the best skills, experience and knowledge to operate a genuine and competitive franchise business.
We realise it’s important to invest in ourselves to be able to invest in you and your business.
What makes Lava Coffee stand out from its competitors?
The success of any franchise system depends on the success of the Franchise Partners.
Lava Coffee is a successful and well recognised brand that offers its Franchise Partners a proven business model that equips them to run a business smoothly and efficiently.
As a Franchise Partner you will have access to the right business tools, skills and coaching to allow your business to prosper.
You have access to new products and operating methods and, more importantly, technology to make your business innovative.
Lava Coffee is in a strong position to negotiate supply agreements across all products and services so that you receive only the highest quality product at the best price available.
Technical and operational support is also available, 24/7, to help you in your business.
Why are these services important to me and my business?
Franchising is usually a 10 year business relationship. And, like a marriage, you need to be comfortable with your partner.
We are interested in a partnership and a long term relationship.
To ensure our (and your) credibility, we conduct a thorough selection process for each new Franchise Partner applicant. Our aim is to recruit the best Franchise Partners, individuals who are determined to succeed and grow their business using our successful systems and processes.
What training is provided?
Lava Coffee offers its Franchise Partners:
One week’s training for two people, including barista, and operational training at our training facility in Sydney (flights and accommodation at your cost)
One week on site training with one of our experienced operations team.
Two week launch with an experienced Franchise Development Manager.
How is my new business launched and what happens thereafter?
During this time, the Franchise Partner Development Manager teaches you the necessary skills and techniques to help you in the future. He or she is your guide to developing your business ensuring that you maximise the benefit of the systems and procedures you have invested in.
Your Franchise Development Manager will develop a short term plan so that you have the confidence and skills to grow your business. Lava Coffee will train you to use an online marketing toolbox to order a range of products, everything from menus and uniforms to marketing material and loyalty cards.
Increasing the performance of your business means applying the skills you have learned during training. Your Franchise Partner Development Manager will guide you every step of the way.
What sort of skills do I need to become a Franchise Partner?
  • You must have a desire to be your own boss.
  • You need a self starter mentality.
  • You need to be motivated and accept new challenges.
  • It’s important to know how to communicate, particularly with your customers. Being a great social networker is an advantage. In fact, it’s a prerequisite to achieving the best results for your business.
  • You need to be passionate not just about the business, but also the product. You need to love coffee!
  • You need to be prepared to learn a range of new skills from administration and marketing to finance and business operations, among other things.
  • Your customer is your business. You need to focus on them and provide great value for money.
  • Above all, it’s important to be ethical, open and honest with your customers, suppliers, Lava Coffee and yourself.
What is the selection process and how long does it take before I can start business?
Lava Coffee is only interested in partnering with those applicants who are genuinely keen to be part of the Lava Coffee family. Together, we can continue to build a reputable brand in the industry based on a strong, working business relationship.
Here’s the process you need to follow:
Complete an online and obligation free Franchise Application Form.
Complete an online Franchise Partner Profiling Tool so that we can measure your compatibility to the Lava Coffee business model.
Conduct a Formal Interview with a Lava Coffee representative where you will be given a process to complete a formal business plan which you will submit to the organisation. The Board then considers your submission before a decision is made.
Are there any ongoing fees?
Fees are an important part of any franchise system. It allows Lava Coffee to reinvest in the business to provide you with the resources, support and business know-how to grow the brand and your business.
Lava Coffee wants you to grow your business from the first day onwards. And, with this in mind, we only charge a flat weekly fee and a franchise marketing contribution rather than take a percentage of your business. It only changes in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
What products does Lava Coffee Franchise Partners sell?
While the core business is hot beverages, in particular coffee (which yields the highest margin), a range of products are sold including fruit smoothies, ice blended frappes, soft drinks, juices and bottled water.
Food products include such things as cakes, cookies, muffins, slices, and friands as well as a selection of wraps, rolls and sandwiches, pies, sausage rolls and quiches.
It’s your choice in terms of what product you want to sell, however, hot based beverages produce the highest margins.
It’s also important that Franchise Partners buy from suppliers that are part of the franchise network. Selling high quality product is integral to your business success. It protects our investment, and yours.
Not only do you receive high quality product, you also increase your buying power by getting the best price for your product which is usually at, or below, commercial value.
What does the future hold?
Lava Coffee is on a mission to increase its franchises significantly throughout Australia in the next five to 10 years. The Coffee industry is worth $4.3 billion in Australia and many Australians see coffee as an integral part of their everyday lives.
As such, Lava Coffee, with its in-house experience and leadership, its existing relationships and proven business model is set to grow significantly. The question is: do you want to be part of this journey!
What do I do now?
Contact Lava Coffee on 1300 884 165 or info@acecoffee.com.au and a representative will answer all your questions.


I’m interested in investing. What do I get?
  • One week’s training for two people, including Barista and operational training at our training facility in Sydney (flights and accommodation to be paid by you).
  • Fit out of your custom designed kiosk, shop or cart.
  • All equipment and products so that you can begin trading from the first day.
  • One week on site training with a Lava Coffee operations team member.
  • Two week launch with an experienced Franchise Development Manager.
  • A Local Marketing campaign to introduce your business including access to an online marketing toolbox.
  • All Operations Manuals and resources to enable you to understand everything required in operating a business including finance, administration, marketing, training and recruitment.
  • Regular support and assistance to help you develop your business and prosper. This includes telephone support and regular visits.
  • It is intended to be a turnkey solution.

‘The critical factor determining the success of any franchise system is its ability to create an environment whereby its Franchise Partners can be successful and profitable.’

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“I would rather suffer with coffee than be senseless” – Napoleon Bonaparte

“Coffee, the favourite drink of the civilised world” – Thomas Jefferson

“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons” – T.S Eliot

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Brisbane Franchise Expo Exhibitor Spotlight

Lava Coffee is a Vibrant young Australian owned Specialty Coffee Franchise with a focus on high quality espresso coffee served in non-traditional locations.

As much as we love everything from frothy cappuccinos to intense ristretto, at Lava Coffee¬ it’s not just about the coffee. It’s about helping you to live the dream – and be the boss of your own coffee business.

Before merging to become Lava Coffee in January, 2016, the team operated the highly successful Cafe2U mobile coffee business. This included more than 250 worldwide franchisees, it’s a recipe that’s now brewing more success across Australia.

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