Australians love their Coffee. And great coffee is something that has quickly become part of our cultural identity.  It’s also a $4.3 billion industry and one that is growing quickly.

In fact, after water, Coffee is the second most popular beverage consumed on the planet. It’s also one of the world’s most traded commodities.

It’s good for business, such as your business.

Which is why a Lava Coffee franchise  is such a great investment.

An affordable investment

  • An attractive investment
    Compared to other coffee franchises, Lava Coffee is competitive – $150k to $180k with an entry fee between $30k to $50k.
  • Resources – systems and processes
    Investing in growing our business to ensure you succeed.
  • Weekly, flat royalty fee!
    Unlike other franchises we offer a flat weekly, royalty fee ( increases by CPI each year ) not a percentage based royalty fee.  That way you know exactly what your royalty fee is every week.

Building business easier

  • Tried and tested proven business model
    The Lava Coffee team are industry leaders – experts in both coffee and business.
  • Up to date strategies
    Helping you with business, operational, and management tools, training, finance, marketing, and recruitment.
  • Versatility and flexibility
    Being your own boss = Lifestyle.

Committed to quality and excellence

  • Quality control
    A unique private label product. Every customer enjoys a memorable coffee experience.
  • Contemporary and cutting edge
    Eye catching modern designs and state-of-the art equipment really make an impact. You’ll have the best trained baristas. Service with a smile!

All for one and one for all

Be part of a network that gives you:

  • Group buying power
  • Increased visibility in the marketplace
  • Better brand recognition
  • The opportunity to support local causes and charities
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping to improve the lives of workers in ‘green bean’ countries

Skills and experience at your disposal

With industry leaders behind you, you can rest assured that the Lava Coffee team help you on your journey. From setting up, finance, quality control and sales to administration, training and recruitment.

Fewer overheads means fewer headaches with staffing, rent, insurances.

“You don’t have to outlay a large amount of money to fulfil your dream of providing excellent coffee” – Christine Wadsworth, Lava Coffee General Manager

Be up and running in under a month
New locations now available
1000's of coffees poured each day
100% franchisee satisfaction

Our mission

Turn Ambition into Action:

An affordable price of entry in unique, alternative locations

Amazing Coffee - Proven Business Model:

Get the product, processes and support you need for success

Your Success is our Future:

Bring the coffee revolution to a new community


Brisbane Franchise Expo Exhibitor Spotlight

Lava Coffee is a Vibrant young Australian owned Specialty Coffee Franchise with a focus on high quality espresso coffee served in non-traditional locations.

As much as we love everything from frothy cappuccinos to intense ristretto, at Lava Coffee¬ it’s not just about the coffee. It’s about helping you to live the dream – and be the boss of your own coffee business.

Before merging to become Lava Coffee in January, 2016, the team operated the highly successful Cafe2U mobile coffee business. This included more than 250 worldwide franchisees, it’s a recipe that’s now brewing more success across Australia.

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