What makes Lava Coffee stand out from its competitors?

The success of any franchise system depends on the success of the Franchise Partners.
Lava Coffee is a successful and well recognised brand that offers its Franchise Partners a proven business model that equips them to run a business smoothly and efficiently.
As a Franchise Partner you will have access to the right business tools, skills and coaching to allow your business to prosper.
You have access to new products and operating methods and, more importantly, technology to make your business innovative.
Lava Coffee is in a strong position to negotiate supply agreements across all products and services so that you receive only the highest quality product at the best price available.
Technical and operational support is also available, 24/7, to help you in your business.
Be up and running in under a month
New locations now available
1000's of coffees poured each day
100% franchisee satisfaction

Our mission

Turn Ambition into Action:

An affordable price of entry in unique, alternative locations

Amazing Coffee - Proven Business Model:

Get the product, processes and support you need for success

Your Success is our Future:

Bring the coffee revolution to a new community


Brisbane Franchise Expo Exhibitor Spotlight

Lava Coffee is a Vibrant young Australian owned Specialty Coffee Franchise with a focus on high quality espresso coffee served in non-traditional locations.

As much as we love everything from frothy cappuccinos to intense ristretto, at Lava Coffee¬ it’s not just about the coffee. It’s about helping you to live the dream – and be the boss of your own coffee business.

Before merging to become Lava Coffee in January, 2016, the team operated the highly successful Cafe2U mobile coffee business. This included more than 250 worldwide franchisees, it’s a recipe that’s now brewing more success across Australia.

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